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DMKE was founded in China, Guangzhou city, Panyu district, in 2009. After 15 years’ creativity and development, we became one of the leading high-tech companies in China in dc motor industry. And we registered BeUDMKE trademark for expanding foreign markets.
We specialize in brushless motors, brushless motor controllers, servo hub motors, dc servo motors, dc servo controllers, frameless bldc motor, waterproof bldc motor, dc gear motors, and different kinds of custom-made dc motor. The power range for bldc motor and controller from us is from 5W to 20KW, and dc servo motor power range from 50W to 10KW. They are widely used in automatic guided vehicle (AGV),RGV, robots, robotic arm, underwater thruster, lifting equipment, lawnmower, sliding door, cleaning machine, medical equipment, packing machinery, and many other industrial automatic equipment etc.

With a plant area of 4000 square meters, we have built our own supply chain with high quality control standard and passed ISO9001 certificate of quality system. Internal inspection such as dimensional inspection, no-load inspection, on- load inspection etc. must be completed before shipment.

With 10 engineers and more than 30 patents for dc motor and controllers’ research and development, we own strong independent design and development capability. Custom-made motors and controllers are widely accepted by us. Meanwhile, we have engineers who can speak fluent English and can support far-distance remote control service, which allow us to provide professional and timely after-sales technical services.

Our motors are exported worldwide, and over 80 % motors are exported to Europe, the United States, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Korea. We are looking forward to establishing long-term business relationship together with you for mutual business success and being your strategic partner in China! Welcome contact us for more details.

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Company Philosophy

We are a factory specializing in development and production of high-quality brushless DC motors, which are widely used in different industrial equipment various fields such as automatic door machines, robots and robotic arm, AGV and RGV, underwater application, automatic feeding machine etc.
We have a professional sales and technical team that can provide pre-sales consultation for suitable motor selection, after-sales service and technical support to our customers. Meanwhile, we also provide flexible customized services to meet the special needs of our customers. We will continue to devote ourselves to technological innovation and quality enhancement to meet the ever-changing market demands.

What We Providing The Most Stable And Cost-effective Motor Power Solution For Our Customers!

Focused on the production of high-quality dc brushless motors, dc servo motors and drivers, we provide power solution with motor and driver together for global users.

What We Aim To?

We are committed to providing personalized solutions to meet customer needs, expanding our sales network, and becoming a leader in the field of DC brushless and servo motors.Our goal is to provide excellent customer service. We respond quickly to customer needs and provide personalized solutions.

A leading electric motor manufacturer

Good Helper for Suitable Motor Selection

1) Proficient in Providing Power Solution with Motor and Driver Together

2) Above 98% Directly Global customers, Accumulated rich experience in motor selection for various applications.

3) All sales know CAD, Quick Access to 2D and 3D Drawings

Contact us now for choosing the most suitable and cost-effective power solution for your equipment.

Why Choose Us

With over 15 years industry experience, we have exported to more than 30 countries with main market in North America and Europe which scores 65% of our revenue.


1)Professional and fast motor selection consultancy service
2)Above 98% direct customers, rich experienced in motor selection for different applications
3)Salesman know CAD, making get 2D &3D drawings in 30 minutes possible
4)Good at providing power solution with motor and driver together


1) Short delivery date: sample 15 to 20days; bulk:30-40days
2) Enough Capability with 4000㎡plant area and 8 lines
3) Strict material & product testing to ensure product quality, ISO9001 passed 
4) 10+ years stable industry supply chain, own feasibility of one-stop purchasing
5) Wide power range for bldc motor from 5W to 25KW
6) 10+ R&D Team & 30+ Patents, Customized Motor Support


1) Provide a complete English instruction manual.
2) Clear video demonstration of the wiring process.
3) Direct technical support from English-speaking personnel for after-sales assistance.
4) Remote debugging support.
5) Intime follow-up on prototype testing result
6) Intime follow-up on bulk order delivery status.

Rich Product Line & Stable Supply Chain

A. Brushless dc motor and controller with wide power range from 5KW to 15KW.
B. DC servo motor and controller with wide power range from 5KW to 10KW.
C. AGV servo steering drive wheel.
D. Servo electric cylinder.
E. Different types dc gear motor.
F.Wide power range: a.Bldc motor:5W to 25KW、b.Dc servo motor:50W to 10KW

Our advantage

Why Choose Us

With a firm belief and adhering to the business philosophy of “Integrity Surpasses Everything, Customers First”, we strive to become a trustworthy partner.

14 Years Experience

More than 14 years of rich experience in the application of AGV industry, can provide exclusive solutions for you

Customization Ability

Have a professional development team and technical support team, advanced equipment, welcome to customize DC motors and controllers

Strong Production Capacity

We have a rich product line and a stable supply chain. We have DC motors and controllers of different types and powers for you to choose from.

Independent Factory

We have a factory area of 4000 square meters, established our own supply chain with high quality control standards, and passed the ISO9001 quality system certification.

Strict Production System

We have our own complete production system for our products. We inspect the products layer by layer, and we will conduct an additional screening of the products before shipment to ensure our high-quality products.

A Good After-sales Service

Dimensional drawings, 3D files, and quick response to after-sales service; fast delivery time, 3-10 days for samples, 15-20 days for batches; sufficient stock for motors and controllers.

Main Market

Our motors are exported all over the world, and the countries are generally United States of America (USA), India, Russian Federation, Italy, Brazil, South Korea, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Turkey, France, and more than 80% of them are exported to Europe, the United States, Saudi Arabia, and Australia ,South Korea. We are looking forward to establishing a long-term business relationship with you for mutual business success.

Development History


DMKE motor found and created production line for bldc motor
Invested servo motor factory in Dongguan
Invested R&D company for dc motor driver
Enlarge 4000㎡ factory + 120 stuff+ cooperate with Forturn 500
BeUDMKE trade mark+Sales volume reach to1 billion RMB
DMKE motor founded andopened production line for micro dc motor.
DMKE motor set up developmentcenter and production line forbrushless motor controller.
DMKE motor set up development centerand production line for dc servo motor controller(50W-10KW),Set up R&D team for driver
DMKE enlarged factoryfor brushless dc motor(5w-20KW)
Moved to new 4000㎡ factory + sales reached to 100 million + start to cooperate with Forturn 500
Registered BeUDMKE brand for expanding foreign markets

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Certificate Glory

Passed ISO9001, Certificate with LVD EMC ROSH

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