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Are You Still Unable To Choose Satisfactory Products For The Following Points?

1) Cardiomotor instability, quality problems

2) The cardiac parameter Or control is inappropriate and the solution is inappropriate

3) Worried about the timeliness & professionalism of after-sales service

About Us

What We Can Do For You?

  1.  Small size and high power, saving customer design space
  2.  Fast delivery, speeding up the progress of the project
  3.  The service response speed is fast, English technical after-sales staff are equipped, and the software can be added far away Program Debugging Service Section
  4. High-quality products, product stability
  5. Professional R & D team, strong R & D capabilities
  6.  Complete after-sales service capabilities and timeliness

Our advantage

Servo Motor Application

Our advantage

Servo Motor Application

Demark motor customer types

1. Project type - intelligent logistics manufacturer: logistics warehousing, warehouse shuttle AGV manufacturer, firefighting robot AGV manufacturer, food delivery robot AGV manufacturer;
2. Project type-industrial automation equipment manufacturers: barrier gate manufacturers, UAV manufacturers, UAV and underwater propeller manufacturers;
3. Standard product customers or agents: American standard machine customers, European standard machine customers, and Southeast Asian standard machine customers

Demark motor customer types

1. Manufacturer-AGV: domestic industry leading AGV manufacturer, domestic growing AGV manufacturer, foreign growing AGV manufacturer;
2. Manufacturers-Industrial Automation: domestic industry leading manufacturers, domestic growing manufacturers, foreign growing manufacturers;
3. Manufacturer-standard product customers: domestic standard product customers, foreign standard product customers, foreign agents

"I've been using brushless DC motors in my workshop for the past year, and the difference is night and day. The efficiency and precision these motors offer is truly unparalleled. They've undoubtedly elevated the quality of my projects!"

Colt Porter

"Switching to brushless DC motor products was a game-changer for me. Their longevity and consistent performance have saved me both time and money. I can't believe I worked without them for so long!"

Antonio Joshua


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Our products are sold all over the world and enjoy a good reputation among customers for our high-quality services and products, and we look forward to establishing long-term business relationships with you for mutual business success.

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