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Explosion-Proof Motor 

A brushless DC motor (BLDC) is an electric motor that converts direct current (DC) energy into mechanical energy. Compared to traditional brushed DC motors, brushless DC motors do not require brushes and commutators to change the direction of current, resulting in higher efficiency and longer lifespan.

* Standard flange size: 42mm – 220mm
* Rated power range: 10W – 20KW
* Rated voltage: DC12V – DC310V
* Rated torque range: 0.063Nm – 100Nm
* Rated speed range: 750rpm – 20000rpm

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* Standard flange size for gearbox: 42mm – 242mm
* Rated power range: 10W – 35KW
* Rated voltage: DC12V – DC310V
* Rated torque range: 0.5Nm – 100Nm * Gear ratio: 3 – 250

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* Standard flange size for gearbox: RV25 – RV150
* Rated power range: 10W – 10KW
* Rated voltage: DC12V – DC310V
* Rated torque range: 0.5Nm – 1000Nm
* Gear ratio: 7.5 – 100

* Standard flange size for gearbox: 60mm – 104mm
* Rated power range: 10W – 750W
* Rated voltage: DC12V – DC310V
* Rated torque range: 3Nm – 40Nm
*Gear ratio: 3 – 300

* Rated power range: 2W-50W
* Motor diameter range: 16mm – 42mm
* Rated voltage: DC12V/DC24V
* Rated torque range: 0.01Nm/ – 6Nm/
* Gear ratio: 4- 720

*Rated current range: 3A – 300A
* Rated voltage: 12V-96V based on different drive
* Speed ​​adjustment method:
 1. Adding external potentiometer for speed adjustment;
 2. Using 0-5V analog voltage for speed adjustment
* CW/CCW direction is available

*Motor diameter range: 20mm – 200mm
* Motor height range: 10mm – 100mm
* Rated power range: 5W – 5KW
* Rated voltage range: DC12V – DC72V
* Rated torque range: 0.1Nm – 50Nm
* Rated speed range: 100rpm – 3000rpm

* Rated power range: 4W-2.2KW
* Underwater depth range: ≤40M
* Rated voltage: DC12V-DC48V
* KV: 80KV – 800KV
* Thrust range: 0.5KG – 25KG 

Custom-Made/OEM BLDC Motor  

* Rated power range: 5W-35KW
* Rated voltage: 12V-310V
* Rated torque range: 0.5Nm – 100Nm
* Rated speed range: 300rpm – 25000rpm

Basic Structure of Brushless DC Motor 

Difference between brushless dc motor and brushed dc motor  

Higher Efficiency

Compared with DC brushed and ordinary AC motors, DC brushless motors have high efficiency, the motor itself has no excitation loss and carbon brush loss, eliminating multi-stage loss, and the comprehensive power saving rate can be up to 20%~60%.

Higher Power Range and Speed

As there is no friction from carbon brushes, the power of brushless DC motors can be very high, the highest power which we can make is 20KW, and highest speed can be 10000r/min based on different power. And max.power for brushed motor is 4KW, speed can’t make very high.

Longer Lifespan and Less Maintenance

Brushed dc motor: Due to brush wear, this type of motor usually requires more frequent maintenance and brush replacement, resulting in a relatively shorter lifespan. BLDC motor: with no brushes, this motor generally has a 4-5 times longer lifespan and requires less maintenance.

Lower Noise and Smaller Size

Brushed DC Motor: Because of the friction between brushes and the rotor, this type of motor may produce more noise with its larger size. Brushless DC Motor: Typically, brushless motors have lower noise levels since there is no brush friction; usually, the noise will be below 50dB if no gearbox added with smaller size based on same specification

Ideal Speed and Control

As a manufacturer and supplier of brushless DC motors with more than 15 years of industry experience, our brushless DC motors offer precise speed and control, support 0-5V analog voltage speed regulation, Open loop speed control and closed loop speed control, making them ideal for applications that require wide speed adjustment range and hall sensor feedback.

Environmentally Friendly

Brushless DC motors are very environmentally friendly. Since they have no brushes, they will not produce dust or sparks due to friction during operation, thereby reducing environmental pollution and electromagnetic interference and reducing safety accidents caused by sparks generated by friction.

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