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Leading DC Brushless Motor Manufacturer Participates in 29th Vietnam International Industrial Fair (VIIF)

It is with great pleasure that we announce our participation in VIIF as part of the 29th Vietnam International Industrial Fair. This event, which was held from 10-12th October 2023, gave us a unique chance to showcase our latest DC brushless motors as a key manufacturer in the market.

Showcasing Innovative DC Brushless Motors

Our company showcased the brand new range of DC brushless motors at VIIF. Indeed, such motors are highly known for their excellent running capability, stability, and energy-saving potential. We received great interest in our booth, which featured representatives from different industries, clients, and enthusiasts interested in advanced motors.

Unveiling Cutting-Edge Technology

We showcased our state-of-the-art DC brushless motors that are far superior to conventional types concerning efficiency as well as longevity. This technology could change a number of industries, and this was demonstrated during our time at VIIF.

Hands-On Experience

Therefore, our visitors were able to touch our DC brushless motors and feel that they are the best in production. The interactive nature of this method helped us communicate better the positive aspects of our goods.

Engaging with Industry Professionals

It was an incredible opportunity to interact with various experts in the industry through the fair. We also participated in seminars, workshops, as well as networking programs, which helped us exchange knowledge and learn about the current market dynamics and new industry innovations.

Knowledge Sharing

We were proactive in seminars where we exchanged ideas for the betterment of our knowledge in the sector. Such knowledge-sharing sessions proved essential for remaining abreast with ongoing innovations.

Building Relationships

Networking helped us develop relationships with important decision-makers, prospective clients, and people like ourselves who believe in creativity. Our industry presence is dependent on these connections.

Establishing Valuable Partnerships

As a result, we built up an impressive number of contractual agreements with domestic and foreign businesses during our participation in the 29th Vietnam International Industrial Fair. This collaboration will expand our market reach, add new products and customize the products for the customer’s needs.

Local and International Collaborations

It is a pleasure to work hand in hand with different firms, whether these are domestic or foreign in form, which see the prospect of DC brushless motors. Such partnerships will allow us to sell our products to more clients, in addition to improving our product portfolio.

Catering to Diverse Customer Needs

Our partnering efforts will help us appreciate, comprehend, and address different customer requirements. This will, therefore, improve the perception that we are an oriented manufacturing company towards clients.

Recognition for Excellence: “Best Booth Design” Award

At the fair, our dedication to excellence was awarded with “the Best Booth Design”. In addition, it reaffirms our standing as one of the biggest suppliers of DC brushless motors and testifies to our creative mentality.

We take pride in having won this “Best Booth Design Award”, an indication of the amount of work and innovation used to share with others what we offer consumers. This indicates that we are committed to offering more than quality items and interacting with our guests.

Looking Ahead

As we reflect on our participation at the 29th Vietnam International Industrial Fair, we feel thrilled to do business here. We have a strong commitment to pushing the limits of motor technologies, producing excellent goods, and providing extraordinary consumer services.


It was such a great opportunity for our company to participate in the 29th Vietnam International Industrial Fair VIIF. Therefore, we are grateful for a chance to demonstrate superior DC brushless motors, meet industry experts, find new partners and be awarded due to our commitment to perfection. Moving forward, we look forward to our journey as a leading manufacturer in the industry with other improvements and strive to provide our customers with the best products.

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