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Quality Inspection

At Shanghai JinXi, we have advanced inspection equipment in-house to ensure that your parts meet your exact specifications. Further, we make sure every project follows these steps for quality assurance

Inspection Equipment in house:

How We Process Your Order?

The order execution process for brushless DC motors includes the following steps:

Inquiry receives

Discuss motor’s specification, application, environmental temperature and humidity, protection rank, operating mode, operating frequency, etc.

Make size drawing

Prepare 2D or 3D drawings for confirmation according to the product requirements that customers want.

Quotation and negotiation

After size drawing confirmed, provide quotation, and negotiate details such as price, delivery time, payment method, etc.

Order confirmation

After the customer confirms that the purchase order confirms the required details, etc., and arranges payment or deposit

Production plan

Develop production and material procurement plans according to order requirements to ensure our high-quality products

After-sales service

Provide after-sales service and technical support, including wiring videos, English instruction manuals, remote assistance, etc., to ensure the normal operation of the motor during use.

Packaging and shipping

Pack motor to ensure that it is not damaged during transportation. Then arrange goods delivery according to customer requirements.

Quality Inspection

It mainly includes the testing and debugging of the motor, including static appearance, size, etc. and dynamic load performance testing.

Production execution

Conduct manufacturing and production testing of products according to production plan requirements

Material procurement

Purchase raw materials, such as iron cores, coils, magnets, etc. Conduct necessary material inspections and testing and ensure the quality of raw materials.

Our Advantage

Testing Instruments

On-load testing

Motor temperature & humidity testing machine

On-load testing machine-2

Motor stator testing machine

Motor vibration testing machine

Motor salt spray tesing machine

ROSE spectrum tester

Image contour tester

How We Promise the Goods Quality?

Testing Instruments

On-load tester

High and Low Temperaturo Toster

Image contour toster

Balance Tester

Prossure Resistance Tester

Inductance Tester

Resistanco Tester

Salt Spray Toster

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