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100A Brushless Motor Controller

Motor Type: Brushless dc motor controller
Model: BLD-100A-2
Rated Voltage: DC 12v, 24v ,36v ,48v, 72v are available
Motor kind: Hall senor brushless dc motor

BeuDMKE programmable DMKEB motor controllers provide efficient, smooth and quiet controls for electric bicycles, electric motorcycles, scooters, etc. It outputs high taking off current, and strictly limit battery current. It can work with relatively small battery but provide good acceleration and hill climbing. In most cases, Powerful microprocessor brings in comprehensive and precise control to the controllers. It also allows users to adjust parameters, conduct tests, and obtain diagnostic information quickly and easily.


BLDC Motor  Controller Specification:
Operating frequency16.6KHz
Standby currentless than 0.5mA
5V sensor power supply current40mA
Power supply voltage (72V and below 72V)18-90V
Power supply current150mA
Operating voltageB+, 18V to 1.25* nominal
Standard pedal input0-5V (3-wire resistive), 1-4V (Hall type)
Brake analog signal and pedal signal input0-5V. 3-wire resistive pedal available to generate 0-5V signal
Full power operating temperature range0C to 50掳C (controller case temperature)
Operating temperature range-30掳C to 90掳C, 100 "C shutdown (controller case temperature)
Peak phase line operating current(10 seconds)150A to 550A, depending on model
Continuous phase line operating current60A-200A, depending on model
Maximum battery currentAdjustable
BLDC Motor Controller Dimension (Unit: mm)

DMKEB brushless dc motor controller dimension


  • Synchronous rectification, ultra low drop, fast PWM to achieve very high efficiency.
  • Electronic reversing.
  • Voltage monitoring on 3 motor phases, bus, and power supply.
  •  Voltage monitoring on voltage source 12V and 5V.
  •  Support torque mode, speed mode, and balanced mode operation.
  • Configurable limit for motor current and battery current.
  •  Rugged aluminum housing for maximum heat dissipation and harsh environment.
  • Rugged high current terminals, and rugged aviation connectors for small signal.
  • Configurable 60 degree or 120 degree hall position sensors.
  •  Support motors with any number of poles.
  • Up to 40,000 electric RPM standard. Optional high speed 70,000 ERPM, and ultra high speed 100,000 ERPM. (Electric RPM =mechanical RPM * motor pole pairs).
  •  Brake switch is used to start regen.
  • 0-5V brake signal is used to command regen current.
  • Support three modes of regenerative braking: brake switch regen, release throttle regen, 0- 5V analog signal variable regen.


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