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110mm 600W-2KW Brushless AC Servo motor AC 220V 2-10Nm

Model: 110DM
Flange size: 110mm
Power: 600W/800W/1200W/1500W/2000W
Rated Speed: 2000rpm-3000rpm
Rated Torque: 2nm-10nm
Protection rank: IP65
Insulation class: Class F

BeUDMKE AC brushless servo motor is 2000rpm to 3000rpm rated speed, 2Nm to 10Nm. This ac servo motor is widely used in CNC machine tools, aerospace, military, laser processing machines, computer embroidery machines, textile machinery, printing machinery, packaging machinery, marking machines, engraving machines, winding machines, coordinate measuring instrument, XYZ three-dimensional tables, industrial robots, medical equipment, woodworking machinery, ceramic machinery and other fields.

Basic Specification:
  • Frame size: 40, 60, 80, 90, 110, 130, 150, 180
  • Rated torque:0. 637~48N.m
  • Rated power:0.2~7.5 KW
  • Rated speed: 1000rpm, 1500rpm, 2000rpm, 3000rpm
  • Rotor inertia: inertia
  • Feedback components: optional
  • Loss of power brake: can be equipped with Adapter driver
  • Operating voltage: 220VAC
Technical Parameters:
  • Feedback Component: Incremental Encoder, 2500PPR/Absolute 17bit/Rotary transformer (please confirm this to us before order placing)
  • Insulation Grade: F
  • Protection Grade: IP65
  • Environmental conditions: Ambient Temperature: Ambient temperature: -20℃ ~ +50℃
  • Motor Lead Length: 1 meter (Accept customization)
  • Certificate: CE (LVD & CEM), RoHS, ISO
Motor modelRated power (KW)Rated voltage (V)Rated current (A)Rated speed (rpm)Rated torque (N.m)Peak torque (N.m)Reverse potential (V/1000r/min)Torque coefficient (N.m/A)Rotor inertia (kg.m2)Winding (inter-wire) resistance (Ω)Winding (inter-wire) inductance (mH)Electrical time constant (ms)Weight (kg)
110DM-M10020 LB22208.520001020791.250.98×10-30.782.53.59
Dimension (Unit: mm)


110mm dc servo motor size drawing

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