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16mm 12V 24V Low Speed High Torque Micro BLDC Motor with Planetary Gear

Model: DMK16-TEC1636-1250
Flange size: 16 mm
Voltage: DC 12V
Motor Rated Power: 5W
Motor Rated Speed: 10000r/min
Motor Rated Current: 600mA
Stall Torque:
Optional: Brake, Connector, Gearbox, Controller
Customizable Accessories: motor length, shaft, motor lead, voltage, power, rated speed and so on.

BeuDMKE 16mm micro brushless dc motor match with high precision planetary gearbox. Shaft size Φ3 x 11.6 mm,can be customized. Working at DC 12v voltage, Gear ration from 1:4 to 1:1996 optional.


Micro bldc motor feature:

Reduction ratio: 4, 16, 29, 62, 104, 198, 231, 370, 455, 690, 850, 1996, 3027
Size: Φ16 * 51.5-66 mm
Shaft Size: Φ3 x 11.6 mm, can be customized
Rated Voltage: DC 3-24V
No-load Speed: 12500 RPM
Rated Torque:
Net Weight: 30g


Motor Technical Specification:
No-load speedNo-load currentRated SpeedRated TorqueRated CurrentOutput powerStall TorqueStall Current

Note: Above are only some typical models. Motor length, shaft, motor lead, voltage, power, rated speed are supported customized. For more information or customized motor, Please contact us.

Dimension (Unit: mm)

micro planetary bldc motor

Micro BLDC Motor with Planetary Gearbox Specification:
Reduction ratio41629621041982313708501996
No-load speed(rpm)2700700400180110554530135
Rated speed(rpm)220060032015090454027115
Rated torque(
Max.momentary tolerance torque(


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