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25mm 12V 0.5Nm Micro Brushless DC Planetary Gear Motor

Model: DMK25-TEC2430
Flange size: 25 mm
Voltage: DC 12V
Motor Rated Power: 2.3W
Motor Rated Speed: 4500r/min
Motor Rated Current: 180mA
Stall Torque:
Optional: Brake, Connector, Gearbox, Controller
Customizable Accessories: motor length, shaft, motor lead, voltage, power, rated speed and so on.

BeuDMKE 25mm small brushless dc motor match with planetary gearbox. Rated power 2.3w, rated torque, Efficiency about 62%, DC12V-24V working voltage. Gear ration from 1:4 to 1:500 optional.


Micro bldc motor feature:

Small size dc gear motor with low speed and big torque
25mm gear motor provides 0.5Nm torque and more reliable
Suitable for small diameter Low noise and big torque application
Reduction ratio: 4.4,10,20,34,45,75,100,130,165,220,360,478,500
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Motor Technical Specification:
Rated VoltageNo-load speedNo-load currentRated SpeedRated TorqueRated CurrentOutput powerStall TorqueStall Current

Note: Above are only some typical models. Motor length, shaft, motor lead, voltage, power, rated speed are supported customized. For more information or customized motor, Please contact us.

Dimension (Unit: mm)

25mm planetary dc motor size drawing


Micro BLDC Motor with Planetary Gearbox Specification:
Rated VoltageReduction ratio41021344778103130227499
12VNo-load speed(rpm)13505502601601157052422411
12VRated speed(rpm)12124852301401026047362010
12VRated torque(
24VNo-load speed(rpm)13505502601601157052422411
24VRated speed(rpm)12124852301401026047362010
24VRated torque(


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