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300A AC Brushless DC Motor Controller Driver

Motor Type: Brushless dc motor controller
Model: BLD-300A
Rated Voltage: AC110V, AC220V are available
Motor kind: Hall senor brushless DC motor

BLDC-300A is a high-cost performance AC brushless speed controller. It is used for 200W and lower power for brushless motors or geared motors. 110V AC/220VAC input is acceptable.



1. Display of motor speed, gearbox output speed alarm code, etc.
2. Support speed setting by knob or through PWM/frequency signals from the external PLC.
3. Support alarm output or speed output to the PLC.
4. ACC/DEC time setting knob (0s~15s).


Direction Control Method:

Motor driver Diretion control method

Motor Driver Dimension:

motor driver size drawing

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