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400W 400KG AGV Wheel Motor 48V

Model: DMK12.5-0.4-160SA
Hub Diameter: 200 mm
Voltage: DC 48V
Motor Power: 400 W
Motor Rated Speed: 3000 rpm
Rated Torque: 1.27 nm
Suggest Load: Below 400 KG
Protection rank: IP65 (expect shaft)
Motor type: DC Servo Motor

BeUDMKE 60mm dc servo motor match with planetary gearbox, which is design for AGV. It can bearing up to 400KG. Customization is welcome.

Rated Output(Kw)0.4
Rated Voltage(V)DC48
Rated Speed(rpm)3000
Rated Current(Arms)11±10%
Rated Torque(N.m)1.27
Line Resistance(V/krpm)0.27±10%(25ºC)
Line Back EMF.(V/krpm)6.9±10%
Rotor Moment of Inertia(Kg.m2×10-4)0.58±10%
Insulation Resistance(MΩ)DC500V,>20MΩ
Time ratingContinuous
Ambient Temperature-20~+40潞C
ExcitationPermanent Magnet
Drive MethodDirect Drive
EnclosureTotally Enclosed, Self-cooled, IP65(except for shaft opening)
Rotation DirectionCounterclockwise(CCW)
Number of Poles10
Vibration ClassF
Max. Speed(rpm)3200
Instantaneous Max. Current(Arms)22±10%
Instantaneous Peak Torque(N.m)2.54
Line Inductance(mH)0.56±10%
Torque Coefficient(N.m/A)0.11±10%
Feedback ComponentIncremental Encoder, 2500PPR
Noise(dB)≤60dB, None Special Noise
Vibration ClassV 15
Ambient Humidity20~80% No Condensation
MoutingFlange Method
Dimension (Unit: mm)

agv wheel motor size drawing60mm DC Servo Motor



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