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6.5 Inch 180W Brushless DC Servo Hub Motor 36V 6Nm

Model: DSL65-3660
Hub Diameter: 170 mm
Voltage: DC 36V
Power: 180W/200W
Max Speed: 250 rpm (line speed 2 m/s)
Rated Torque: 6 nm
Suggest Load (2 pcs): Below 120 KG
Protection rank: IP65 (expect shaft)
Motor type: DC Servo Motor

BeUDMKE 6.5″ bldc servo hub motor with built in encoder, 170 mm hub diameter, 6 N.m rated torque, max speed up to 2 m/s. IP 65 (except shaft) protection grade. Widely use in robot, floor washing machine, etc.


  • High torque, silent, low-speed operation can still be maintained smoothly
  • High protection level, no fear of dust, resistance to axial impact
  • Comes with a communication magneto electric encoder for servo control
  • Over-current, overload, and over-temperature protection functions, which are more stable and reliable.
  • Current closed loop, speed closed loop, and position closed loop function
  • Customizable communication protocol and special functions
Rated voltage36V DC
Rated current5.8A rms
Rated torque6N.m
Walking speed2m/s
Peak torque12N.m
Output power180W, 200W
Tire outer diameter170mm
Protection classIP65/IP67
Insulation Resistance≥200MΩ
High voltage600VDC 1SEC 10mA
Dimension (Unit: mm)

6.5 inch servo hub motor size drawing


Tips: Brushless Hub Motor VS. Servo Hub Motor

The brushless hub motor is an electric motor that doesn’t use brushes for commutation. Instead, it relies on electronic controllers to switch the current in the coils at the right time. Widely used in electric bicycles, scooters, skateboards, and other electric vehicles.

The servo hub motor is designed for precise control of position, velocity, and acceleration. It is an integrated system that combines motor, encoder, gearbox, wheel, and tire into one unit. It serves as both a servo motor and a walking wheel. Without a gearbox, it eliminates the noise caused by the gearbox, making the servo hub motor low in noise, easy to install. Widely used in industries that require accurate and controlled movement, such as service robots, commercial AGVs, industrial AGVs, AMRs, etc.

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