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86mm BLDC 24V 250W 250 Watt Brushless Dc Worm Gear Motor

Model: DB86/(RV40/RV50)
Voltage: 12V/24V/36V/48V/310V
Power: 90W/150W/200W/300W/450W/600W/750W
Rated Speed: 3000r/min
Rated Torque: 0.29nm-2.39nm
Motor Length: 65mm-130mm
Worm Gearbox Length: 95mm – 173mm
Worm Gear Ratio: 7.5:1 – 100:1
Rated Speed After Gearbox: 20rpm – 267rpm
Rated Torque After Gearbox: 1.93nm – 73nm
Optional: Encoder, Brake, Connector, Gearbox, Controller
Customizable Accessories: motor length, shaft, motor lead, voltage, power, rated speed and so on.

BeUDMKE bldc motor with worm gear, IP54, 2000rpm, 12 volt to 310 volt working voltage, 90w to 750w. Brushless dc worm gear motor is design for industrial machines, robotics, automation devices, renewable energy systems, etc.

Motor ModelDB86-24-250-20S/RV40-25DB86-24-250-20S/RV50-80
Voltage24V DC24V DC
Rated Current13A13A
Rated Speed2000r/min ±10%2000r/min ±10%
Ratio Rate1:251:80
Speed after gearbox80r/min25r/min
Torque after Gearbox17.9N.m57.3N.m
ProtectionIP54 (IP65 Available)IP54 (IP65 Available)
Environment Temperature-40℃-40℃
Humidity<80% (no condensation)<80% (no condensation)
Direction of RotationCW/CCWCW/CCW
Motor Dimension86mm86mm
Worm gear typeRV040RV050
Gear ratio7.5、10、15、20、25、30、40、50、60、80、1007.5、10、15、20、25、30、40、50、60、80、100
DB86-24-250-20S/RV40-25 Dimension:

D5BLD250-24A-20S+RV40-25 bldc motor with worm gear size drawing

DB86-24-250-20S/RV50-80 Dimension:

D5BLD250-24A-20S+RV50-80 bldc motor with worm gear size drawing


Rated Torque and Rated Speed After RV40 Gearbox Specification:
Gear ratio7.5101520253040506080100
Rated speed(rpm)26720013310080675040332520
Rated torque(N.m)5.377.1610.7414.3317.9121.4928.6535.81363329
Rated Torque and Rated Speed After RV50 Gearbox Specification:
Gear ratio7.5101520253040506080100
Rated speed(rpm)26720013310080675040332520
Rated torque(N.m)5.377.1610.7414.3317.9121.4928.6535.8142.9857.3055.00

Kindly remind: As different customers may need different motor parameter for fitting your equipment. If Above motor can’t fit your need, please kindly send inquiry to us with information for rated power or torque,rated speed, and rated voltage for our new size drawing making for you. Thanks a lot!


  • Wide power range from 5W to 20KW
  • Wide speed range

Speed from 1r/min to 1000r/min match with gearbox; 1000r/min to 10000r/min without gearbox.

  • Wide torque range

Brushless DC motor works with gearbox (normal gearbox, planetary gearbox, worm gearbox) allows for a versatile and efficient power transmission system, catering to a wide range of applications with varying torque and speed requirements.

  • High efficiency and energy-saving

The rotor of the brushless motor is used for the permanent, which can reduce the second loss of the rotor.

  • Good control effect

BLDC motor works with matching controller may achieve simple to complex control, turn from CW to CCW, and meet various communication requirements. BLDC driver can be controlled through 0-5VDC analog signal to adjust the speed.

  • Long service life

With fewer mechanical parts prone to wear and tear, brushless motors generally have a longer operational lifespan.

  • Compact and Lightweight

BLDC motors use of permanent magnet brushless motor rotor. It can achieve higher power density, providing more power in a smaller size.

  • Low noise and smooth operation

Brushless DC motor has no brushes, no sparks will be generated during operation, which greatly reduces friction.

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