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90mm 3000rpm 750W 2.4Nm Coal Mine Explosion Proof Motor

Motor length: 243.5mm

Power: 200W to 750W

Rated speed: 3000rpm

Torque Rating: 0.6nm to 2.4nm

Max Torque: 1.8Nm to 7.2Nm

Explosion-proof motors are crucial in underground coal mines due to the presence of potentially explosive gases such as methane. These motors can mitigate the risk of igniting potentially explosive gases or dust in the mine atmosphere.


Model No.L(mm)Power rating  (kw)Rated speed (rpm)Max. speed (rpm)Torque Rating (N.m)Max torque (N.m)Rotor inertia(Kg.cm²)

Explosion Proof Grade: EX db IIB T4/EX db IIC T5

Selectable Voltage:24V、48V、72V、220V、380V


  • Intrinsically Safe Design

The motor is designed with sealed enclosures and components to prevent internal sparks or arcs from escaping and igniting the surrounding atmosphere.

  • Robust Construction

The motor housing and components are constructed from durable materials capable of withstanding the harsh conditions in underground coal mines, including corrosive gases.

  • Effective Sealing

All openings and entry points on the motor are tightly sealed to prevent the ingress of flammable gases or dust, reducing the risk of ignition.

  • Specialized Cooling Systems

The motor incorporates cooling systems that maintain optimal operating temperatures without introducing external air, which could contain potentially explosive gases.


Explosion-proof Motor for Underground Coal Mines VS. Explosion-proof Motor

Enclosure Design: Explosion-proof motors for underground mining are typically designed with more robust and tightly sealed enclosures than regular explosion-proof motors. This is necessary to prevent the escape of sparks, flames, or excessive heat that could ignite flammable gases or dust in underground mining environments.

Construction Materials: Motors designed for underground mining applications often use materials that can withstand the harsh conditions found in mines, such as corrosive gases, high levels of moisture, and abrasive dust. These materials may be more durable and corrosion-resistant than those used in regular explosion-proof motors.

Sealing and Protection: Underground mining motors feature enhanced sealing mechanisms to prevent the ingress of flammable gases or dust into the motor enclosure. This ensures a higher protection against potential ignition sources and regular explosion-proof motors.

Cooling Systems: Motors for underground mining may incorporate specialized cooling systems that maintain optimal operating temperatures without introducing external air into the enclosure. This is crucial for preventing the introduction of potentially explosive gases into the motor’s vicinity.

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