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The Durability of Brushless Servo Motors in Harsh Environmental Conditions


Brushless servo motors are the real engineering marvels in the technological life of the present world. These motors are widely used in various applications due to their high performance, efficiency, and long durability. For their smooth functioning, a brushless servo motor is extremely important in industrial robots, drones, and electric vehicles.

This blog posting describes what makes brushless servo motors so rugged and where they live in harsh applications. We also compare them with some other types of motors. By the time you are through this reading, you will have a very clear idea of why so many demanding applications come through while using brushless motors and how many other elements come together to build efficient, reliable systems.

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What are Brushless Servo Motors, and How Do They Work?

Definition and Basic Components

A brushless servo motor is a type of brushless motor. Conventional motors operate through the help of brushes to pass electricity to the moving part of the motor. In contrast, in brushless servo motors, this job is done electrically; that is why those kinds of motors are many times more effective and robust.

A brushless servo motor incorporates these significant parts: rotor, stator, bearings, feedback mechanism, and housing. The rotor is the actual moving part in the form of permanent magnets. The stator consists of coil windings and is stationary. The bearings ensure that the rotor’s movement relative to the stator occurs smoothly.

Normally, a feedback mechanism includes an encoder or a resolver for the motor’s precise position and control. The purpose of housing is to enclose and protect all these parts.

Working Principle

The operation of brushless servo motors is based purely on the principle of electromagnetism. A magnetic field is produced when an electric current flows through stator windings. A brushless motor differs from a brushed motor since the first doesn’t use physical brushes; its direction and speed are controlled electronically.

It is a multi-step process in which the electricity is conducted into the stator windings after one another according to a sequence. The magnetic field thus generated interacts with the magnetic field of the rotor, and ultimately, this interaction causes rotor rotation.

It is all done while the real-time position and velocity of the rotor are maintained and fed to the controllable, modifying the flow current to move in place.

150M explosion proof servo motor

Advantages Over Brushed Motors

A few of the advantages of these brushless versus the conventional brush motored are:

They are more efficient since they do not suffer from friction caused by brushes, so a larger fraction of the electrical energy is converted into mechanical motion. They are longer-lived due to fewer or no wearing parts, which means more life and less maintenance.

Moreover, they provide higher torque and speed with better dynamic response and are much more silent in operation. The benefits of using a brushless servo motor make it the preferred selection for most applications where efficiency, reliability, and performance count: industrial robotics, CNC machinery, drones, and electric vehicles.

Reasons for Brushless Servo Motors Durable in Harsh Environmental Conditions

Elimination of Brushes

One factor that has made brushless motors more durable is that they do not have brushes. A conventional brushed motor uses brushes to pass electrical current between stationary wires and moving parts. Due to friction, these brushes slowly wear out with time, causing poor performance and regular maintenance.

Conversely, brushless motors do away with that part of the system and run current through electronic controllers. It enables increased efficiency by several notches and increased lifetime for these motors because of reduced wear and tear.

High-Quality Materials and Construction

The brushless servo motors are designed and manufactured with very good materials that can work under any condition. The stator and rotor are made from strong metals that can handle high temperatures without getting deformed or losing their magnetic nature.

In addition, the windings in the stator are insulated with materials, thus maintaining their resistance to high temperatures and ensuring the motor works effectively even in hot environments. Other features include up-to-date insulation systems in motors that protect the windings in case of electrical faults.

220M explosion proof servo motor

The systems then become much valued in environments that could otherwise compromise the performance of the motor through dust, moisture, and chemical exposure. The materials used increase their corrosion resistance even more for both the external and internal parts, guaranteeing constant performance levels even in corrosive environments.

Efficient Heat Dissipation

Proper heat management is critical in ensuring brushless motors’ durability, especially under high-load applications. The special design of these motors is made so that most of the heat generated is quickly dissipated so that they do not become too hot and destructively spoil internal components.

Stator windings are arranged so that the maximum possible airflow can be allowed over them. On the other hand, the servo motors are brushless housed applications and serve the purpose of a heat sink in picking up and transmitting the heat from the motor. An important design feature allows the motor to run consistently under severe loads without any service degradation and overheating.

Sealed Housings

This is because most brushless motors have a sealed housing that protects a motor from features like dust, dirt, and moisture. The design of such housings ensures that foreign particles do not gain access to the main parts of the motor system, which may cause undesired operational consistencies.

Sealed bearings further prevent internal parts of the motor from being contaminated and lubricated, thus increasing the motor’s operational life.

According to application, the degree of sealing varies; some motors are designed and tested to satisfy industry-specific standards on dust and water sealing. For instance, a motor under environmental conditions, artificial but outdoors or underwater, can receive an IP rating, thus having a large leeway in giving assurance that it can indeed operate reliably under harsh circumstances.

Industries Benefiting from Using Brushless Servo Motors in Harsh Environments

The brushless motors are appreciated for their built quality, efficiency, and performance in varied industries. Major industries where these durable motors are majorly applied include the following:

130mmbrushless dc motor with PLF120 planetary gearbox

Industrial Robotics

Brushless servo motors find application in industrial robotics, a sector where preciseness and reliability are crucial. These motors are applied mainly in automated systems for manufacturing and assembly lines where robots are in high demand. Indeed, most work requires good amounts of continuous operations to maintain high accuracy and efficiency.

CNC Machinery

The servo motors without brushes are the most demanded or sought-after components for driving the CNC machine. It makes it possible for CNC extended uses, such as milling, cutting, and engraving large numbers of types of material, to great precision and absolute repeatability.

Drones and UAVs

From a technical perspective, integrating brushless motors would greatly benefit drones or uncrewed aerial vehicles (UAVs). These attributes make such devices lightweight and powerful, allowing them to derive the thrust and control used in flying them in recreational, commercial, and military applications.

Electric Vehicles

The electric vehicle industry has been a huge user of brushless motors. Indeed, these are used in an immense variety of EV applications, such as traction motors, steering, and motor functions in auxiliary systems.

Comparing Brushless Servo Motors to Other Types of Motors in Terms of Durability

A servo motor is a brushless motor with certain advantages over the others, specifically in terms of robustness. Such differences may help one choose a candidate for a specific application.

80mm acservomotor

Longevity and Reliability

One of the best things about brushless servo motors is their life. While the brushed motors rely on brushes to pass electricity to the rotor, inducing a magnetic field that drives the motor, the brushless variety uses electronic controllers. The brushes in a brushed motor are the most important source of mechanical wear; they wear down creatively and will need many replacements for continuous optimal performance.

Brushless Motors: Brushless motors do not have brushes in them, which gives a much longer operational life than brush motors and requires far less service.

Brushed Motors: The brushes wear over time and require periodic maintenance and replacement​.


Efficiency is another aspect of the department where brushless servo motors score. No friction of brushes with the commutator means there are no arranged energy losses or heat generation in a brushless servo motor. It can be attributed to better efficiency and performance, especially in increased-speed applications.

Brushless Motors: More economical as there is no brush friction, resulting in less heat and, therefore, energy loss.

Brushed Motors: Less efficient due to friction and generated heat from the brushes​.

dual shaft dc servo motor with planetary gearbox


Another significant aspect of the total cost of ownership for motors is maintenance. Brushless motors require a lot less maintenance compared to any form of brushed motor. Since there are no brushes to replace, the required intervals for brush replacement are thus much farther apart, with lower overall costs for maintenance.

Brushless Motors: Less maintenance is required, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

Brushed Motors: Require periodic brush replacement, which increases maintenance intervals and costs.


In conclusion, brushless servo motors are an excellent investment for any industry requiring reliable and durable motor solutions. Their ability to perform in harsh environmental conditions while maintaining high efficiency and low maintenance makes them indispensable in modern technological applications. Whether in a factory, a drone, or an electric vehicle, brushless motors power the future with precision and reliability.

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